Platysmal Bands (Neck Lift) Treatment in Derby

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Treatment Time 45-60 Minutes

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Price From £300

Platypmal muscle, which is located at the front of your neck, pulls down constantly and can cause jowls or “necklace lines” horizontally. It can also lead to prominent cords that run vertically down the neck, between the jaw and the chin.

In some cases, BTX-A can be administered to these bands to give the appearance of a mini-lift without the need for surgery. This can be combined with treatment of the underside of your jaw to improve the definition of your jawline. This is commonly known as the “Nefertiti lift”. Egyptian artifacts reveal Queen Nerfertiti with a perfectly straight jawline. The term was therefore coined after her.

Combining this with a volumising filler along your jawline may be a good idea to restore volume and support the skin.

Why do your platysmal bands (Neck Lift) need to be treated at Runway Aesthetics?

Botulinum Toxin-A (e.g. Runway Aesthetics’ number one anti-aging treatment is still Botox (or Bocouture). Botox is used primarily for the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. Botox is intended to look natural and not frozen.

Our doctors have years of experience using botox to treat Platsymal Bands as well as other issues like armpit sweating/TMJ pain, teeth grinding/TMJ discomfort and migraines.

Our experience has shown that Botox is still a confusing term, even among patients who have had it for years. In consultation, we often hear that “no one has ever told you that” when you have had Botox before. Let us show this to you.

How does the Platysmal Band Injection work?

Botox is injected into the affected area to block nerve impulses and relax the muscles. These muscles relax, and the lines relax. The skin will appear younger looking like the muscles begin to relax.

What is the treatment?

Multiple botox injections will be made along the platysmal bands of the neck during the treatment. This procedure is quick and painless and can be used by anyone who needs an enhancement with minimal downtime. Bocouture or Botox will be used to treat you. This ensures that your results last longer. You don’t need to use anaesthetic or numbing creams. We like to visit our patients three weeks after each appointment for a review.

Who should receive the Platysmal Band (Neck Lift) treatment?

Platysmal bands that are visible, especially when speaking, may be a candidate for this treatment. To tighten skin and reduce fat under the chin, we can combine the Platysmal bands treatment with the Morpheus 8 RF protocol.

What are the results I can expect?

In just a few days you will begin to see visible results from the botox. You will also notice a smoother and younger-looking neck. We will review your treatment for three weeks to assess the results and make any adjustments.

What is the average time it takes for my results to show? Are there more sessions I should have?

Botox should be administered approximately every 3-4 months. Some patients find that their results last for longer and need only repeat treatments twice per year. If the muscles involved are weak enough, the patient can be put on a maintenance regimen of Botox that requires fewer injections. Platox can be corrected with this simple method.

Is there any risk or potential complications?

Redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness are some of the common side effects after neck platysma bands treatments. These can last several days. Our medical foundation can cover any visible effects. Our doctor will complete a consent form that informs you about any possible complications or risks.

Is it difficult?

This treatment does not require the use of anaesthetic or numbing creams. The treatment is quick and uses very fine needles. To help you feel more relaxed, we can use an electric roller or a vibrational instrument to distract your nerves.

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Neck Lift Treatment (Nefertiti Neck Lift) £300.00

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