LED Light Therapy in Derby

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Treatment Time 45-60 Minutes

Anesthetic None

Recovery Time Immediate or 24 Hours Estimated*

Longevity Instant

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Price From £300

Non-invasive LED Light Therapy for Skin Conditions

LED Light Therapy for Acne and Anti-Aging LED light therapy has many benefits. It is painless and non-invasive, as well as relaxing.

Non-invasive LED Light Therapy for Skin Conditions

LED Light Therapy can be used to treat many dermatological conditions. It is painless and suitable for all skin types. The equipment uses specific wavelengths of light that have been shown to have positive bio-stimulation effects. The treatment is non-surgical and there are no side effects or recovery. Our clients find the therapy extremely relaxing. Runway Aesthetics can solve your dermatological problems at the most affordable prices.

Amazing Results with LED light therapy
A wide range of skin conditions are possible

Runway Aesthetics offers advanced treatment for a variety of skin conditions, including:

 – Acne treatment
– Anti-ageing
– Sun damaged skin
– Skin rejuvenation
– Rosacea
– Ingrown hairs can cause rashes
– Face wounds
– Pain management

How LED can be used for skin therapy

The photo-biochemical reaction that blue and red LED lights cause with skin cells is caused by the interaction of these light sources. It stimulates cell renewal deep within the tissue. It can help rejuvenate the skin and repair damaged cells.


Red LED Light Therapy for Skin Renewal

This type of phototherapy stimulates skin cells. The stimulation of collagen, elastin and other skin cells results in the reduction of fine lines, improved texture, and elimination or improvement of imperfections. To improve the healing of acne treatments, red light can be used in conjunction with blue light.

Acne Treatment with Blue LED Light Therapy

Blue light therapy is an effective treatment for acne. Blue light can reduce acne by killing Propionibacterium bacteria, which causes breakouts. Acne is often reduced by up to 3 months.

These are the types of spots that can be treated with light therapy. These are the two most common, inflamed spots among acne sufferers.

However, it is important to note that light therapy may not work if you have whiteheads or blackheads that aren’t inflammatory. We will check your skin to make sure that you are receiving light therapy.

What is the average time it takes to reduce acne with LEDs?

It is best to book a course of 12 sessions for acne treatment over a two-month period. For the first month, you will be coming in twice per week. Then, it will be once per week. To prevent skin infections and maintain your skin’s youthfulness, we recommend that you schedule maintenance treatments every six months.

Also, we recommend microdermabrasion as a combination with acne light therapy. This will remove any dead skin cells so that the bright light can penetrate the skin deeper.

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