3D Lipomed Treatment in Derby

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Treatment Time 45-60 Minutes

Anesthetic None

Recovery Time Immediate or 24 Hours Estimated*

Longevity Instant

Results Permenant

Price From £300


Runway Aesthetics offers 3D Lipomed treatment.

Are you looking to eliminate stubborn fat pockets? Are you looking to slim down or tighten your skin? 3D Lipomed is a revolutionary new fat-reduction procedure that Runway Aesthetics in Derby offer.

Lipo is a method that helps you lose fat. 3D Lipomed, a revolutionary and powerful new method of liposuction that does not require surgery, is an effective and innovative alternative to traditional methods. 3D Lipomed is a revolutionary new method to reduce body fat. It destroys fat cells, not just breaks them up and releases them into the body. *

3D Lipomed, the new’medi” version of 3D Lipo treatments is now available. It offers a powerful update to this popular technology.

  • Cavitation can be used to reduce larger amounts of fatty tissue
  • CryoLipolysis for fat reduction
  • Radio Frequency supports skin tightening
  • 3D Dermology supports lymphatic drainage to combat cellulite
  • You will receive a detailed consultation to help you make informed decisions

3D-lipomed may be the most effective treatment for cellulite, targeted fat reduction and skin tightening. The three-dimensional approach it takes to the problem means that you will receive one of the best services available.

What is the best time to see results from my 3D Lipomed treatment.

Your individual treatment will determine how quickly and how well you see results. For example, 3D Lipomed’s cryolipolysis component may only require one treatment, but it can take up to four months for the full effect to become evident. For the best results, you may need to have several treatments. However, after each treatment, you will see some fat loss.

Radiofrequency treatments are visible immediately, but it is possible to have multiple treatments to achieve the best skin tightening. 3D dermology can also improve the appearance and texture of cellulite. However, you might need to do several treatments.

What should the life expectancy of the results be?

It is essential that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly to maximize the benefits of your 3D Lipomed treatment. You can’t make any fat cells grow back after they are gone, but the fat cells you have left can be used to grow new ones.

For three to four more months, you should continue to notice improvements in your skin texture and health, as well as a reduction of cellulite.

What is the secret to it?

Full 3D liposuction includes several procedures. These include cavitation, which uses ultrasonic waves and freezes fat cells without affecting any other body cells, cryolipolysis (which melts fat cells but does not affect other body cells), radiofrequency (which tightens the skin), and dermology (rolling of the skin to reduce cellulite). These treatments can be used individually or in conjunction with a larger fat-removal program. *

Do you have side effects?

3D Lipomed has no long-term side effects. Some people may experience minor redness, bruising, tingling or numbness in the treated area. However, this is usually temporary and resolves within a few hours.

Do I have to take time off from work after treatment?

While most people continue to do their daily activities, it is important that you take some time off if you feel any discomfort, redness, bruising or other symptoms.

Are there any restrictions on activities or a special aftercare program?

We will give you aftercare instructions relating to any treatment. This will let you know what to expect and what to do.

We recommend that you refrain from drinking alcohol, caffeine, or eating large meals immediately following your treatment.

We are committed to your happiness and satisfaction. You will receive a telephone number that you can call 24 hours a day to discuss any concerns or worries you may have after your treatment.

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